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Oh So Magical Mike!!

Updated: May 13, 2019

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As I sat there, Prosecco in hand with a half naked man grinding on top of me, I looked around and thought yep, this is my life now. Well it would be for the next half hour anyways. A flash of light brought me back in the room which was full of hundreds of screaming women. Sadly, this wasn’t a private show (why is life so cruel), I was sat front row at the best show in town, Magic Mike Live, and damn was it magical and not just because of the grinding half naked men.

Let me take you back to the beginning......

It had been a long day of sightseeing and fashion exhibitions in the big smoke (literally have never called it that in my life but I am here for it), we collapsed in a heap at our hotel room, only to bounce to our feet when we remembered the glorious bottles (yes pleural, this would later turn out to be a mistake but that was an issue for future Nikki) chilling in the fridge. Getting ready in an unfamiliar hotel room after consuming one and a half bottles of Prosecco is by no means an easy feat, especially when you’re short on time.

Unfortunately, it was now the future and it was future Nikki’s time to shine and deal with past Nikki’s bad choices. Which resulted in running through Leicester Square frantically, dragging my mother behind me, willing for anyone to point me in the direction of where I was actually supposed to be going.

Follow the giant horse the taxi man shouted from behind (pretty sure this actually happened and wasn’t a Prosecco induced mirage). What giant horse I shouted back, I mean why would you expect to see a giant horse in Leicester Square!?! Low and beyond the giant horse was real and I was now standing below it Magic Mike tickets in hand.

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Thankfully the running paid off and we literally just made it before the show started. Just as the lights went down I felt a tap on my shoulder, Channing Tatum could it be you?! Sadly, not it was a lovely lady telling me my phone and gone flying across the floor. Just as I was about to have a mini heart attack, I grabbed my phone and the show began.

So in all honesty we obviously all go to see Magic Mike Live due to the half naked men buy my god it was so much more than that, they are actual human beings with feelings (just kidding, well they are but that’s not what made it so spectacular).

The show was an emotional rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed until tears were in my eyes, I smiled until my cheeks were hurting, I even think I squealed in excitement at one point, but there were parts in the show where you just felt proud to be a part of it. These guys are soooo talented, they can sing, dance, act but most importantly they made you feel comfortable and made sure every single person in that room were enjoying themselves. And as we all know ladies, we can be very hard to please sometimes.

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Not long after the show began, I turned to see a women being unwillingly dragged onto the stage. A few of us looked at each other in panic, are they going to unwillingly drag us up there too? Within minutes you were left feeling like a fool and a little relieved as this was all part of the show, (it was Samantha Baines off of the telly!!) and the most amazing part of Magic Mike Live, (sorry lads but we all know she is the driving force and the star of the show).

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I really don’t know how it happened but you left the show feeling so empowered and inspired. Even with the amount of intoxication I found myself in you could still feel the feminine power. It was all about us. We were in charge and we were there to enjoy every second, and somehow we all felt like we were in it together. The show managed to create an unbreakable bond between hundreds of women, who were all there to have a great time to cheer each other on. No one got mad if they didn’t get chosen to go on stage, we all just screamed like lunatics for each other at the side lines, Magic Mike cheerleaders if you will.

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Magic Mike Live was one of the best experiences and a birthday night out for my mum that she will definitely never forget. As I sit here reflecting on a fabulous weekend, I feel the show was a bit of a blur which 100%, definitely, certainly had nothing to do with the amount of Prosecco consumed, right?! Was I in a grinding naked men, Prosecco infused dream (my god that sounds fun). I may need to go and watch it again, just for research purposes of course, I mean we all want these posts to be factual right?!

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** Disclaimer** Have fun ladies but please don’t be grabbing upon their packages let’s keep it classy. I saw this happen and the dancer just politely brushed her hand away. You can touch them until your hearts content but keep it respectful cause in all seriousness they are real people and are there to do a job don’t push it!

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