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New Look Who Dis?

It’s January the 98th it’s dark and it’s cold (and that’s just my soul), so I thought it was time for a new blog post. But……. get excited people!! This isn’t just any other blog post……..

This is…. wait for it….(I know the suspense is unreal)

This is a new post, on a new site with a new name (pause for cheers and admiration).

I have decided to step up my writing game and go all in with what I love to do. So welcome to Nikki J Style, a place for everything that is done in, well my style! A place for everything I love and a place for having a rant about things I hate and let’s face it we all know I love to rant.

Here you will find posts on absolutely anything I feel like writing about or can actually be bothered to write about. From fashion and lifestyle to posts all about me (this is one world where it really is all about me, about bloody time!!!)

Soooo let’s catch up……

The last time I was writing posts I was working as a fashion stylist and retail designer, I still enjoy a little styling but my love for writing has taken over and I wanted to focus any spare time on that. (Fear not you can still holla for any style advice, that is not going anywhere).

I decided to give my styling and retail business a back seat. In all honesty it was way too quiet and my passion for it was slowly disappearing, along with my inspiration and it really started to effect my mental health. Feeling like you didn’t have a purpose in life was really freaking scary. I needed money and as much as it filled me with horror I actually needed a job that had a steady income. So I put my big girl pants on and looked for a job or a ‘real job’ as a lot of people would say (no offence but these people can suck it, working for yourself is actually a real job, a harder job than you can ever imagine).

See told ya I love to rant, so anyways, as of November last year (still seems so weird, like it’s 2020 WHAT!) I now work as an Online Product Coordinator at Peacocks Head Office (that fashion degree finally paid off). I really love the job and I get to write every single day, plus it funds my holidays and we all know how much I love them. Winning!!

It wasn’t easy having to let go of my business but it was definitely the right move. As much as it physically and emotionally kills me to get up super early every morning, I actually have a reason to get out of bed in the morning and for that I will be forever grateful.

So in-between being very busy and very important at my fancy new job, I hope I can still bring great content for my new site and we can have some laughs along the way.

So, sit back, relax and get on board the train to Nikki’s world, god help us all!!

Choo Choo…………….


South Wales, UK

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