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Let's go to the beach beach!!!

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It’s that time of year where the weather gets warmer, the sky looks bluer and birds sing louder and your mind wanders to jetting off for a week or two to a dream destination, (I say that yet I am writing this with gale force winds and torrential rain banging at my window, hello global warming).

No matter what the weather is like this time of year I always want to go away regardless. Yes, I’m very thankful when we have a lovely heatwave but it isn’t the same unless I am sat around a pool, cocktail in one hand, beer in the other, sunglasses on, soaking up the beautiful views around me.

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My absolute favourite thing to do when I start holiday planning is my outfits. Men really don’t understand how much us women put into planning our holiday wardrobe and don’t even get me started on our airport outfit. You men have it so easy, chuck a couple of shirts, shorts and pants in a bag and you’re done. No offence meant here, we are all just jealous.

I probably put more thought and planning into my holiday wardrobe than my every day looks. Which is crazy when you think about it because we are probably in our holiday wardrobe for way less time than a typical outfit at home, but damn it for that week or two out of the year I will plan my holiday wardrobe perfectly to an inch of my life.

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My top tip when outfit planning is to lay it all out in front of you so you know exactly what you have to work with. This makes it so much easier to add jewellery, bags and shoes to each outfit. If like me you aren’t very good at travelling light, try to keep your shoes and accessories to a minimum and take a couple of pieces that will go with a few looks. And ladies, as much as we think we need 14 outfits for a 7-day holiday, we really don’t so let’s pack smart, that way we can buy more presents for ourselves when we are there.

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A lot of people like to double up their beach bag as hand luggage, I am not one of those people (this probably explains my issues with travelling light but I do not care). Buying your beach and airport bag is so fun and as I am obsessed with shopping and handbags I love any excuse to be able to purchase more. I can not get enough of handbags no matter what they are for. I do always try (I love how I keep saying try, hey if you try and it doesn't work no one can say a damn thing to you), to make sure my beach bag is pretty light so it doesn't add too much weight to the suitcase.

When it comes to my holiday jewellery I always seem to opt for simple pieces. I love layering a couple of simple chains that you can mix and match for different outfits. You can wear them separate or a few together to make a statement, and because they are super dainty they won’t add onto your baggage allowance, winning!

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A couple of days before holidays the prep begins, again men you are so lucky you don’t have to deal with any of this. God damn you! Those that know me will know I love getting my nails done and do it all year round. But, when it comes to my holiday nails I mean business. I always test some colours out a few months before, because if my holiday nails aren’t perfection I am going to be in a right grump. First world problems right?!

An airport outfit is my absolute fave to plan. God I just love holidays!!! My airport outfit is so important and it isn’t just a case of throwing something pretty on, I need it to do so much more than that. I am talking comfort, cosy for the plane but cool enough for the heat when I land, at least two layers just in case the plane ride is chilly (I am always cold it is an absolute joke, I pretty much have my hot water bottle when I’m at home all year round). Plus, the absolute main key point of my airport outfit it has to have mega holiday vibes. I’m talking bright colours, metallics and maybe even some glitter (glitter in the sunshine is the absolute best, don’t just save it for Christmas people).

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You can have so much fun building your airport outfit. Use the same tips as with packing. Lay your outfit out in front of you so you can make sure it all works and please make sure you try it on way before the day you are actually going on holidays, no one needs a mega outfit meltdown the day you're due to jet off. If there’s a certain item of clothing or accessory that you definitely want to wear, build your outfit around it. It can sometimes be hard especially when it’s an accessory or shoe but it can be done (and yes I am speaking from experience).

If your off on a long haul flight, I always like to take some pjs or a tracksuit to change into on the plane. This keeps your outfit fresh ready for when you land (obviously change into it before you get of the plane or leave the airport) and it is super comfortable for chilling on a plane for 7 plus hours.

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So I have packed, prepped and taken care of my airport outfit, all that’s left to do is grab a beer at the airport, sit back, relax and do some absolutely necessary airport shopping.

Happy Vaycay!!!!!!!

*All images were taken by me at Amathus Beach Hotel in Rhodes.

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