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Flowers, Fairytales and Gin

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So there I was standing at the top of a metal staircase, the buzz of the LA streets below and the man I had always dreamt of was walking towards me carrying the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Were they that beautiful or was it because he was carrying them? I didn’t even care at that point, flowers or no flowers, he was here and he was here for me.

Just as we were about to meet at the middle of the stairs, I was startled by a ringing sound. I locked eyes with Richard Gere through the warm glass of a TV screen, or more like the camera crew locked eyes with him and I wasn’t even a part of it at all. It was then I was brought back to reality, sadly I wasn’t waiting on an LA staircase to meet the man of my dreams. I was sat in my pjs, with a glass of gin, watching the final scene of Pretty Woman for the millionth time and it was as magical and tear jerking as ever.

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Movies are made to make you feel that way, to go on a journey with the characters and always wanting the best outcome for them at the final moments. Life isn’t like that, which is fine but, these movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to my high expectations with dating and just men in general.

There are soooo many romantic comedies and even books for that matter that make you get caught up in the storyline and make you reassess your life from start to finish, wondering where the hell you went wrong. Why can’t I meet a man that shuts down Tiffany’s in New York ON CHRISTMAS EVE for me to choose an engagement ring. Yes, this actually happened, but only to a character in a book I was reading, bit rude but ok.

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Having said that, there is still some hope as Nick Jonas actually did shut down Tiffany’s to choose a ring for his now wife, does that mean I should hold on to a small part of the fairytale or does it only just happen if your marrying a Jonas bother? In which case I am pretty sure that is never going to happen as they are all taken other than the youngest one, who I am pretty sure I am old enough to be his mum. Let’s not dwell on that point to much, my heart is already breaking over the fact I can’t marry Nick Jonas, never mind the fact I am rapidly getting older. Who cares if he has a beautiful voice and the face of an angel, he’s too short for me, and yes I’m pretty certain that is the only reason standing between me and Nick.

Is it so wrong to actually want that fairytale? Is it so wrong to actually want to be with someone that worships the ground you walk on and moves to a different city just to be with you? Is it so wrong to want wildlife to do your hair and make up every morning whilst singing a beautiful tune?

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Romantic comedies always have that dip at the end where disaster strikes and it all goes tits up for a few moments until both characters decide they are actually meant to be together forever and run into each others arms as the snow falls and music plays. I can’t ever seem to get passed the tits up scene, which is fine, I’m fine, it’s cool, it’s cool! In all seriousness though when the dust actually does settle and the tits are firmly grounded I am always so glad that it did happen the way it did. It’s for a reason and they aren’t meant to be a part of my life and that can actually be a fairytale in itself.

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I know there are so many wonderful men out there, that aren’t perfect but still do wonderful things. A friend of mines husband bought her flowers on the way home from work just because he saw them and thought of her. Like how sweet is that!? Couple goals right there!!

There really are small aspects from romantic comedies all around us. I just think we need to let go of the huge production of a movie and be thankful for the small romantic things that happen. Such as, a kiss on the end of a message from a new love interest that makes your stomach flip over, or a date where you can not stop laughing and have the absolute best time.

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I really do have a high expectation when it comes to men, which if you know me really isn’t that shocking, but, maybe I do need to take it down a notch and remember I’m not actually Richard Gere’s leading lady.

Life may not be a fairytale or romantic comedy but we can still have those moments that aren’t too far from one.


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