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Fast Fashion: Does it sometimes need to slow down?

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I absolutely love how high street stores make replicas of so many pieces from the catwalk. It’s great that you can get your own version of your favourite look or item at a fraction of the price. Sometimes, however, I feel that is fast fashion sometimes well, too fast? (Ohh I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City). I think it’s great that fashion is accessible to everyone, as it should be, but sometimes I think having a replica of a designer item just isn’t the same. Plus, how is it completely fine that the high street constantly makes replicas of an item that could well have taken weeks sometimes months to design? For instance, if another designer brand had made a replica of another designer’s item they would probably sue them, how come this doesn’t appear to happen when it comes to the high street? Shouldn’t we be finding our own style and stop needing to copy a celebrities look from head to toe?

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A few months ago Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of her in an outfit that her husband had made a few months back. She was trying it on at home and kindly asked for it not to be replicated until she has had chance to actually wear it. This comes after a similar outfit she wore was replicated and available to sell online in numerous outlets just days later. It is pretty impressive how this happens, but considering most of us are trying to make our wardrobes sustainable, this kind of has the opposite effect. Given the style and colour of this particular item (it was neon and didn’t involve much fabric), it’s a niche trend, meaning I’m almost 100% sure that in most cases it wouldn’t get worn more than once, if it even gets worn at all. Plus, if something is in high demand we feel we need it straight away even if we don’t really know where we would even wear it.

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Buying in to a celebrity look that’s been made available to everyone almost immediately after the celeb has actually worn it will make the consumer believe that they must also need it immediately. This then leads to an impulse purchase of something you will probably never wear. Don’t give in to the hype, we don’t always need something even when we think we really do. Trust me, I used to be the absolute worst for this, and sometimes I still find myself constantly thinking about a product that I most definitely don’t need just because it looks like it is going to sell out very soon.

I can guarantee that most of you reading this will have a ton of items in your wardrobe that you have hardly worn or have never worn. We get caught up in the fast fashion cycle and feel we need to purchase an item now before it sells out. Then before we know it our wardrobe is bursting at the seams and we stand there saying we have nothing to wear. Go through your wardrobe and pull pieces that you haven’t worn in a while. Try and put them together with items you already have. If it really can not be done go out and only buy items that match pieces you already have. Your busting wardrobe and your bank balance will thank you.

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I am no angel, we have all fallen for something like this, and probably a number of times. It’s time to make a change and stop buying into fast fashion that we don’t need. This isn’t bad news for the stores as we will always continue to make purchases from them, it just means we can go about it a different way and take charge in the way we shop. We are in the midst of a generation that needs everything yesterday.

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I challenge you to think twice before making a purchase and go through a mental check list: Does it fit perfectly? Do I have something that goes with it? Is it suitable for my lifestyle? And most importantly will I actually wear it? We all need to calm down and realise exactly what it is we actually need and I can assure you it isn’t a Kim Kardashian style neon dress.


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