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Don't like it hun? Don't RSVP!

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As the flowers start to bloom and the days get a little brighter, stores start to fill with beautiful summer colour palettes in preparation for one of the busiest seasons of the year. The streets get busier, the days get longer and moods definitely improve. Spring sees the start of wedding season, but this year brides are taking even more control and are saying goodbye to your typical traditions.

Brides are breaking all the traditional wedding rules and planning their special day to match their personalities and to hell with anyone that doesn’t approve, they can be cut from the guest list in as little time as the time it takes to catch the bouquet.

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For years everyone has been told that your wedding day should be exactly how you want it and forget everyone’s opinions. That is until you go completely rouge and they, well they just don’t care for it and try to steer you in a different direction that is ‘best for you’.

We are in a time of speaking up for ourselves and ‘living our best lives’ and your wedding should be no exception. Stand up for what you truly want and don’t take no for an answer, if all else fails threaten an elopement to Vegas and everyone will be on your team again in no time. If you want to walk down the aisle wearing a black dress and a biker jacket, go for it girl, you own that look and work it all damn day. A wedding day is something you will remember for the rest of your life so never be led by what is best for you by anyone other than you.

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Colour is a huge part of our lives throughout the year. It can change your mood completely and make you think of memories from many years ago. Whether it’s with the clothing or the venue styling, colour has such great power without us even realising. You can create such a strong atmosphere on your wedding day that can make everyone feel the love, even your auntie Jean and uncle Mike who are most definitely not amused at being in such close proximity for several hours. You can have so much fun with it, from the flowers, to the venue styling to even the cake. Throw around that colour like it’s no one’s business, because technically it isn’t.

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My absolute favourite part of breaking the rules at a wedding (I mean by the bride and groom, don’t go getting any ideas and rocking up dressed as the incredible hulk or anything), is all the brides who are deciding to make a speech. I am so here for this and think it is wonderful. Why should we just sit there all innocent, keeping quiet with a smile on our faces. If you want to get up and say a few words, don’t be shut down because it’s not the done thing. You get up there and say exactly what you want to say about your special day, even if it is after a few glasses of champagne and you’ve starting spiralling about how your groom didn’t text back straight away when you first met. If this sounds like you maybe give your maid of honour a heads up to scream out a code word if it all gets a bit too much.

When it comes to the budget of your wedding, if you have the money there and want to spend £5000 on a dress you absolutely go for it sister. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your perfect dress just because they don’t agree with it. Hell, even have two outfit changes if you want, and make an entrance being carried on a throne with yourself covered in diamonds, who cares?! (This actually sounds like a fabulous idea; my future husband is so not going to know what’s hit him).

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Don’t get caught up in what’s the done thing it’s your day and your grooms obviously but I’m sure he can easily be swayed. The following advice goes for everything in life not you’re your wedding day. Enjoy it. Embrace it, and just remember if they don’t like it then please don’t RSVP!!

*The images are part of a styled shoot for wedding planner: @Carolynlouiseweddings

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Grooms suit and Brides jackets & shoes: John Lewis and Partners

Flowers: @flowers_by_blomme

Hair: @Smshair2018

Makeup: @puckerupwithleanne

Photographer: @Agahoskings

Jewellery: @Starboxwedding

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