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Be Kind

Remember the day when Trolls were those cute multicoloured hair dolls with a gem stone for a belly button. The worst troll we ever had to deal with was the one hiding under the bridge trying to attack those three little billy goats.

These days trolls don’t hold magic or make your wishes come true. They can crush your soul and smash lives into a million pieces in a split second. Sometimes just a single word can shatter someone’s heart. There have been a number of articles, posts and tv shows about trolling yet we still see it every day and to the extent that people feel their only way to make it stop is to take their own lives.

Trolls aside life is hard enough. We get up every day to get to jobs, school etc many times fighting hard to get through the day. There’s natural disasters around the world and many fatal accidents, most of which are completely beyond our control. There are many things that happen every single day that effect so many of us in so many ways. These are the things that we can’t do anything about, yet, we come together as a nation and offer help to those in need.

Why is that when it comes to trolling, something we can actually control, people continue to make someone’s life hell, and for what? To make you feel good about yourself? To give you a high? To make you feel like you have accomplished something great? To make you feel like you are better than other people? Why do these people feel they have the right to make bad comments?!

The person who has just been called fat may have been working hard in the gym and pushed themselves to breaking point. The person who has just been told they don’t deserve to have a job may have been fighting for years to get where they are and are already doubting themselves. The person who has just been called ugly may be at their limit and one single word can push them so far that there is no turning back.

One single comment can stick in someone’s head for the rest of their life. Do these trolls just go about their day and never give it a second thought ever again? If trolling has resulted in someone taking their own life do they feel guilty? Do they feel any remorse or even take an ounce of responsibility?

Someone’s attitude and words can often make or break our day. A kind word is so powerful yet a harsh word takes on a life of its own. You could have so many wonderful comments yet, that one negative sentence or even a single word can poke through to your soul and break you a little more each time you read it.

When someone feels that taking their own life is the only way to make trolling stop, everyone around the world really needs to sit up and take notice. We can’t keep losing someone due to a total stranger breaking them down.

Stop feeling you have the right to say negative comments. Stop commenting negatively on peoples lives. Stop attacking each other. Stop bullying. Stop calling people names. Just stop.

Changing social media and the real world really is as simple as kindness. Be kind to every single person you meet. Write a lovely, encouraging comment to a stranger online. Someone can be at breaking point behind closed doors, and that smile or comment you give really can save a life and remember if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all.


South Wales, UK

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